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Sufia Hossain from Sweet Chilly Hot Sauce : "Her Hotsauce is smooth, spicy,sassy in All the right places.Don't underestimate the ChillyintheSilly.She will bite.This gluten-free product will be a hit at your next BBQ, wedding,and or corporate event leaving your guests with a unique culinary experience. SillyChillyHot Sauce is sass in a sauce! Like all creations, it started with a dream. That simple dream of winning the national prize of "the hottest hot sauce" eventually propelled to a goal. Why hot sauce, though? I was a graduate of F.I.T. working in the confines of textiles, board meetings, and in search of the latest style trends; I was far from being a connoisseur of the kitchen. As a first generation American, I sought comfort from the hectics of Manhattan and returned to my roots of Bangladesh, through culinary exploration. Growing up with the richness and depths of classic South Asian peppers and spices, in the summer of 2015, what became a de-stress refuge transformed into a passionate and driven business."