'Farm to my kitchen, then to your KITCHEN..'

                                                         Sufia H. (Founder)



The Beginning


 Sufia Hossain   Founder of Silly Chilly Hotsauce

Sufia Hossain 

Founder of Silly Chilly Hotsauce


The Dreamer

Like all creations, it started with a dream. That simple dream of winning the national prize of "the hottest hot sauce" eventually propelled to a goal. Why hot sauce, though? I was a graduate of F.I.T. working in the confines of Fashion, board meetings, and in search of the latest style trends; I was far from being a connoisseur of the kitchen. As a first generation American, I sought comfort from the hectics of Manhattan and returned to my roots of Bangladesh, through culinary exploration. Growing up with the richness and depths of classic South Asian peppers and spices, in the summer of 2015, what became a de-stress refuge transformed into a passionate and driven business. 


As a newbie to the kitchen, I couldn't differentiate from the several species of habaneros to the hype of the ghost pepper. So I knew that my love for heat and spice wasn't enough and embarked on an epic pepper exploration, courtesy of countless trials, errors, and the DIY gurus of; Youtube. The necessities of chilli peppers, vinegar, salt, citrus, and canning jars took over my weekends and weekday evenings. Each batch of concoctions needed to be uniquely palatable and yet true to nature and nostalgia that is Silly Chilly Hot Sauce.   


No Shame In Failure

Like most New Yorkers the daily grind and limited budget made moving from Queens to Hoboken, New Jersey a no-brainer. As my uncle gifted me some cash for the holiday, I in turn purchased a food processor. Thank goodness for Amazon! Visiting my uncle and aunt in Queens, I decided to share my first "professional" attempt of hot sauce jars. It was disastrous. The first batch that I have ever shared was terrible.   


When I arrived, I took it out of my bag only to immediately hide it away again in shame. But in some ways, I didn't stop doing what I wanted to do. Fast forward, seven months later, experimenting and practicing every weekend, in between long weeks of my 40+ hour a week job in the city. I gradually learned and improved the tedious process of canning. From the challenges arisen, confidence and precision in my hot sauce emerged.  


Saucy Statement

 The integrity of cleanliness is upheld thoroughly through daily maintenance of my kitchen before any batch is made. With each ingredient carefully hand chosen from the local organic farmer's market, Silly Chilly Hot Sauce produces only the finest and freshest condiment from my table to yours. Each jar is handcrafted combining the right temperature and spices to maintain the efficacy of flavors. 

This gluten-free product will be a hit at your next BBQ, wedding, and or corporate event leaving your guests with a unique culinary experience. It's more than just "sass in a glass," Silly Chilly Hot Sauce is sass in a sauce! 


Love to All,

Sufia H.

CEO & Founder