Happiness by Moses

Blogger: Moses

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     Someone commented "You don't know how much I am beginning to learn from you as a person! Your words and poetry never fail to inspire me! Reading your poetry makes me feel sane and thank you for taking time off to spread  inspiration through your wonderful feed!" Well, I am deeply humbled to hear such appreciation, but what makes me happy is that you are actually applying whatever it is from my words into your life and being content with it. This makes me think, we keep thinking about "how people are selfish and cruel", about "how am I broken inside", about how "I am numb and weak", about "I tried". Well, does that ever actually change anything? We want things to change but we keep thinking negative thoughts, the ones that keep us back from moving forwards. Sometimes, if not most times, we are the reason for our own misery and hopelessness because we keep thinking "I cannot get out of this toxic mess". You say "I tried", well, I say "keep on trying, everyday and don't give up ever". See? Courage, answers and hope lies within us and we have to discover these everyday within us if we have to. See, a ship can't sail until its anchor lies in the sea bed. No matter how much the captain prays that the ship sails, it won't, but when the captain takes charge, and orders with courage that the anchor to be pulled back, then the ship sails and it can be with the gentle waves of ocean and move forwards with grace into freedom under the skies. PS you are the captain and ship being your happiness in this analogy.

                                                                                                     - Moses 

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